Project Profile

Calcutta Riverside offers Homes by the river, residences by the lake, villas & condominiums by the Golf course and smart homes. Each unique in its own way, conceptualized and created to suit you and the lifestyle you desire.

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BulletThe Princep – River Homes:

Where the river is - the inspiration, the view and the address
3 BHK (Regular, Duplex and Penthouse), 4 BHK (Duplex and Penthouse)

BulletLake Town – Lake Residencies:

Every home - by the lake, every corner - picturesque, every moment – therapeutic
2 BHK+Study (Regular and Duplex), 3 BHK (Regular and Duplex), 4 BHK (Duplex)

BulletGolf Greens – Golf Condominiums:

Endless greens, undisturbed calm and unlimited golfing
2 BHK + Study (Regular), 3 BHK (Regular), 4 BHK (Regular and Duplex)

BulletMandeville – Golf Villas:

A 9-hole executive golf course, tournaments and championships, all in one’s backyard
2 Storey Villas (3 and 4BHK with private garden)

BulletElgin - Smart Homes:

Elgin – Smart Homes at Calcutta Riverside are smart spaces with efficient circulation and an adaptive design, all at an affordable cost. This concept is intrinsic to its design philosophy; be it the apartment design, configuration of the open and green spaces, detailing of the club house and other social amenities. A home where efficient space management meets affordable cost.