Project Profile

Tucked away in quiet corner on Ballygunge Park Road lies Hiland Sapphire. It derives much of its personality from one particular factor the regality of the blue sapphire. Hence this project is about contemporary living sewn in imperial splendour. The development, with emphasis on clean lines, pure form and glass facades is closely related to modern architecture and lifestyles. The building projects a deceptively simple and elegant face, restrained in style and manner. The essence, however, is refined and aristocratic. Whereas the architecture is minimal, every aspect of the building promotes a luxurious lifestyle.

Hiland Sapphire is a unique fifteen-storey building amidst sylvan surroundings. There are two apartments on each floor and all of them are south facing with three open sides. All necessary effort has been made here to create an ambience that is modest and grand at the same time. Moreover each feature has been thoughtfully arranged and designed to make living pleasurable.

A symbol of sophistication, a mark of dignity, Hiland Sapphire certainly is the residence of choice for the manor born.